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Action Zone

Action Zone

Want to challenge yourself for a day?!

Why not get this amusement package and organise a PRIVATE PARTY at yours or a Public Park?!

Including an Obstacle Course, a Gladiator Arena OR a Boxing Ring and a Sumo Suit set, you can entertain all your mates for hours and hours !

Getting through this 10m long obstacle course is not as easy as it looks, challenge your mate with inflatable poles on an inflatable platform wearing sumo suits and see who will finish first!

Want to custom this package and add or remove equipment ?

Create your own package on the following link and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

  • PRIVATE HIRE ONLY : $790 for 3hrs hire ($100 Extra for full day hire)
  • OPERATION: Can be self-supervised or operators are available for $45 per hr
  • Power: 2 x 10Amp power point, can be on circuit within 20m, generator available at extra cost
  • Price includes Delivery, Set up/Pack up 
  • Free delivery within 30km radius from Fremantle
  • Sandbags or water drums can be provided if set up is on pavement/bitumen at extra cost 
Boxing Ring Theres nothing more liberating than being able to punch a loved one straight in the face with no consequences whatsoever. Make this fatasy a reality with our Bouncy Boxing! You and a mate enter through any side of the ring, put on your gloves and box away! Super Hero Suits It’s time to bring out your inner superhero for the day! Here at Monsterball we have a range of superhero sumo suits ready for hire. Jump in the ring with another superhero and battle it out in the funniest and most entertaining way possible. Sumo wrestling is a great addition to any party plus there’s virtually no time wasted on set-up and no need for extra expenses like power. Obstacle Challenge Two at a time, race each other across the Monster Obstacle Course or just bounce and enjoy. With a slide and series of obstacles there is plenty to cracking on with. Medium Gladiator You and a mate enter through the front of the unit and grab a jousting stick each! Jump onto the podium in the middle and battle it out! This is fully enclosed with a netting around it and completely padded so you won’t sustain any injuries. This one tests your balance. To make it harder why not put on a super hero suit
  • 1 x Medium Gladiator Arena OR Boxing Ring
  • 1 x Toddler Challenge
  • 1 x Sumo Suit Set
    • Gladiator Arena or Boxing Ring : 7m L x 6m W x 2.5m H
    • Toddler Challenge : 10m L x 4m W x 2.5m H
  • AGES: 3 to Adult
  • CAPACITY: 10 people at a time approx 150 per hour
  • ACCESS: 1.5m flat access
  • POWER: 2  x 10Amp power point, can be on circuit within 20m, generator available
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