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Climbing Activities

Get off the ground on your next event!

Whether we’re 3 or 90 years old, we are all drawn to playing! We all love to ‘Monkey’ around from various heights, climb through nets, freefall or stunt jump into an airbag, or learn some new tricks like backwards somersaults whilst bouncy on a trampoline whilst harnessed?

Not only is this fun for all ages, it also has its physical and mental health benefits! Boost your physical skills of Balance, Hand and Foot Coordination and Agility, whilst problem-solving your way out of nets or on the rock climbing walls!

Spider Mountain

Climbing Activities

Combining three sensational activities for you to challenge yourself on, this unit will for sure be an eye…

High Rope Course

Climbing Activities

Scale new heights of adventure with our mobile high ropes course now available for hire from Monsterball Amusements.…

Rock Climbing Wall

Climbing Activities

Impressive for its height and size, this inflatable climbing wall will definitely make your event one to remember!…

Stunt Jump

Climbing Activities

Perform a free fall stunt jump just like the movie professionals with the latest thrilling ride available for…

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