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Ride Off System

Ride Off System


Want to beat all your mates at the bucking bull? Well now you can both ride at the same time and see who lasts the longest. With many different attachments, there is FUN for everyone ??

Hire a Dual Bull or add it to a package today.

  • Private Hire / Backyard Parties: $790 All inclusive (3hrs hire with operator)
  • Corporate Hire / Public Events: $790 All inclusive for 3hrs ($100 per extra hours)
  • Operation: Must be supervised, operators are available for $40 per hr
Price includes Delivery, Set up/Pack up (Free Metro Delivery) Sandbags or water drums can be provided if set up is on pavement/bitumen
We do the work for you! Our trained staff will come and set everything up. Jump on and try not to fall off! The aim is to test your balance and stay on the bucking bull for as long as possible.
  • Dimensions: 9m L x 5m W x 1m H
  • Ages: 3 to Adult
  • Capacity: 2 people at a time approx 120 per hour
  • Access: 1m flat access
  • Power: 3 x 10Amp & 1 x 15Amp power point, can be on circuit within 20m, generator available
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