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Why You Should Throw Your Hat In The Ring By Hiring A Bucking Bull

Are you looking for a fun way to bring your party to life? Have you always wanted to live out your dream of being a gun-slinging cowboy in the Wild West? Look no further! Here’s why you should hire a bucking bull for your next event.

Inflatable Bucking Bull Perth


A bucking bull is a unique and exciting addition to any party. Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they see their friends and family being tossed around by a mechanical beast! Hiring a bucking bull is a great centrepiece for themed parties – what better way to feel like you’re John Wayne journeying through the Rocky Mountains? Put on your hat, equip your holster, and tame one of nature’s wildest animals.


Show your friends and family who’s the best in the West! Stay on the bucking bull as long as you can to try and set the record of champion bull rider. We have two bucking bulls at Monsterball, so assuming you book in advance, you’ll be able to challenge a friend at the same time. Look ‘em dead in the eye as you try to maintain your balance and see who’s the superior cattle-wrangler.


There’s no need to feel yellow-bellied – the bucking bull is completely safe. Surrounded by a soft, inflated base, your fall will be cushioned and painless. It’s a good thing too, since the bull is going to be trying its hardest to send you flying! Safety wear is provided, and a Monsterball team member will always be present to supervise. Even children as young as three can give it a try.


Our team members take care of the setting up, so you can focus on being a great host. There are only a few requirements of the bucking bull. The first thing the team will need is easy access to the location. The equipment will also need to connect to a power outlet, though Monsterball can provide a generator at an additional cost. Finally, the bucking bulls require a five-metre diameter of space for each unit. Besides those few things, all you have to do is sit back and watch people have a great time!


The bucking bull is an extremely affordable service that’s guaranteed to be the talk of the town. Delivery, set-up, and pack-up are all included in Monsterball’s flat fee. The only other expense is the cost of the attendee, however we are happy to keep the fun going for an extra hour at an additional cost. Pricing is extremely reasonable, and the result is something both children and adults alike can enjoy!


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to feel like a rootin’-tootin’, yee-hawing cowboy. Hire a bucking bull and watch your event liven up more than a saloon at sundown!

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