Unique Team Building Activities in Perth for 2017

Okay so it’s been awhile since our last post, but only because we’ve been too busy thinking about cool ways to host a team building session.

What is a team building session and why should you host one? We have a few reasons why!

Have you recently hired a new team? Does your current team need a refresher course in fun?

A team building session is created to help your employees to engage with each other on a social level and to enjoy each other’s company outside of the office space. It can also be a great way to boost morale and productivity.

Here are some cool suggestions on what you can do! These are not limited to kids, adults deserve to have just as much fun too!!!


Obstacle Course


wipeout_ras-show_monsterball-amusementsWhat better way to challenge yourself and your fellow co-workers than a good old fashioned race?

Timing each person always adds a fun element and out of nowhere everyone’s competitive spirit arrives (we’re talking about that quiet one who sits in the corner of the office).



Monsterball Amusements & Hire offers the best range of obstacle courses in WA. Choose a location and create your own obstacle course! A fun day out in the park with challenging obstacles could be a great way to enjoy the sun. If it is hot enough you can even add some water into the mix!

Your employees won’t forget you after you put on this exhilarating competition. Have you ever seen the TV show Total Wipeout? If you’ve dreamed about competing on there, your dream has come true!

Choose from a variety of other courses and have them set up at the location of your choice, then throw in the amazing new Wipeout Challenge! It’s harder than it looks but guarantees a lot of fun!

This is our favourite team building activity by far and we would rate it number 1.

Bubble Soccer Tournament

Surely by now you’ve all heard about Bubble Soccer? Even if it was just a whisper, you’ve heard it’s the next biggest thing! Soccer (not football, because we are in Australia folks!) is one of the most recognizable team sports in the world.

Let’s be honest we all know that one guy who always falls over ‘by accident’ and calls for a free kick. Well he won’t have that option this time! Bubble Soccer takes the game to another level.

Bubble Soccer Hire Perth - Kids & Adults size - www.monsterball.com.au
Bubble Soccer Hire Perth – Kids & Adults size – www.monsterball.com.au

You will be protected by a giant bubble. This gives you the freedom to run into your opponent without having to worry about injuries.

So even if that one guy falls he can’t complain that he got hurt! You will have an absolute ball with these (see what we did there?).                                                    

Why not organise your very own tournament. Divide the office into teams and start playing against each other. You can have a few games to decide the champions. This is an awesome and modern way to host a team building session.


paintball_teambuilding-ideas_monsterball-amusementsIf you’re okay with a bit (okay a lot) of pain then this is the activity for you! Live out your Call of Duty fantasies, minus the the actual bullets of course. Remember you must be at least 16 years old to participate. Choose your team wisely because you’ll want the ones with the best aim. Wear comfortable clothing, enclosed shoes and put those fabulous camouflage jump suits on. Find your mask, choose your gun and load up those paintballs. You are ready to go!  

This activity is great for larger groups, because you can probably fit your whole floor on the field. If you’re lucky enough you might even get a sneaky shot at the boss! The aim of the game is to defeat the other teams on the field. If you get hit more than 3 times then you are out of the round.

Run around, dodge and shoot to your hearts content. Depending on where you go, there are different courses with things to hide behind, camp and test out your sniper skills.

There are plenty of different venues throughout Perth. So do your research to find the ultimate Battlefield! We would definitely suggest Paintballing as a top team building activity.

(image source from pinterest)

Laser Tag

If you’re not too keen on the pain that you will inevitably inflict on yourself by paintballing, but still want the adrenaline rush of running around, hiding and shooting your workmates. Laser Tag is the answer!  

No pain whatsoever (except the following day when you suffer from stiff muscles because you’ve been sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day for the last few years without exercising). Will it be worth it? Yes we think so, Laser Tag is a fun way to be active and test out your aiming skills.

laser tag_team building ideas 2016_monsterball_amusement hire Perth and WA

You’ll all be divided into teams and then you decide who protects the team base and who attacks the enemies. Whoever manages to deactivate the enemies base with the most shots will win the game.                                      

Being a part of a team is an essential part of life whether it is at home, at work or an actual sporting team. We all need to learn to work together and enjoy life. We hope these suggestions help you create a fantastic environment for your employees, classroom or home.

For more fun ideas, why not check out our range of amusement equipment options – great for team building activities, corporate Christmas parties and more!           

(Image sourced from Pinterest)

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