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Tips for Choosing The Right Inflatable Water Slide for your Backyard Party

Inflatable water slides are a great addition to backyard parties especially during the balmy summer weather. They’re a fun and engaging way to keep the children, and even some adults entertained. Youngsters and adults alike will find it hard to resist climbing, sliding and bouncing around on an inflatable water slide. But there are a number of different types, ranging from different sizes to different designs and it can be a challenge to decide which one is right for you. Here are a few tips for choosing the right inflatable water slide for your backyard party.

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A number of factors will influence the size of the inflatable water slide you can rent for your party: the amount of space available, the age of participants and number of participants. The size of the inflatable water slide should fit nicely within the space with ample room to run around it. There should also be a good distance between the slide and other outdoor furniture to prevent accidents and punctures from occurring.

It’s important to choose a slide that is appropriate for the age of the children who will be playing with it. In addition to safety reasons, a bigger slide can be intimidating to younger children.

As with any installation, safety is a valid concern that should be taken seriously. Though they are loads of fun, proper set up is important to ensure that it is safe to use. Choose a licensed and insured inflatable rental company that prioritises safety to avoid putting your kids at risk for injury. The inflatable water slide should be secured with steel stakes or multiple sandbags with all tether points secured with rope or straps so as to avoid any tipping over. Moreover, the quality of the material should be sturdy enough to support the weight of the children as well as the constant activity throughout the day.

Unique Features
In addition to practical reasons such as size and safety, another factor to consider is also the individual unique features of the inflatable slide. Double slides, extra height, attached pools, even a mini obstacle course! Depending on the amount of guests present at the party, it may be well worth getting a double or triple slide. Single slides can accommodate around 10 people but a bigger slide will be required if there are more.

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