The Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Bouncy Castle In Perth

First things first, well done on making the choice of a jumping castle hire for your next event. We think you’ll find that this is a great decision when it comes to your party amusement hire. Perth is a fun-loving city and getting all your friends, family, co-workers, or customers excited to jump around is a real no brainer. We’d go as far as to say that a bouncy castle hire, Perth party people, and any excuse for a gathering are the ultimate combination. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate list of all the things to consider when hiring a Perth bouncy castle for your next event. In this list, you’ll find everything from simple things to prepare for your hire to complicated things you might not have thought about; either way, as the Perth experts in inflatable party hire, Monsterball has you covered.

bouncy jumping castles hire perthUnderstand Why You Are Having The Event – Not to start completely esoterically or make you contemplate the meaning of your own existence, but more as a general guide to help inform the choices you’ll make later in the process. Sure you know that there’s a difference between tossing a party for your child’s 6th birthday and an end of financial year bash for all your company’s staff. Yet in both those situations ask yourself why the event is going to be.


    • Understand How The Inflatable Will Enhance Your Event – Jumping castles, bouncy castles, moonwalks. These are all names for similar inflatable fun structures. There are also inflatable obstacle courses, slides and sports courts. All of which make great options. To know what one will work best for you, you’re going to have to know how you want it to enhance your event. Is this something you want a centrepiece of the party? Maybe it’s something to concentrate all the kids in a specific area to help make watching them easier. 


    • Pick Your Theme – Even if your event doesn’t have an official theme it probably has a vibe you’re going for. Some inflatables will have an obvious and specific theme, some will be more general. This means there will be something for every occasion. If it’s your daughter’s 5th birthday and she’s obsessed with princesses there are obviously great choices to make in the realm of bouncy castles. If your event has more of a team-building theme, while general it will still provide a strong direction.  Something like inflatable obstacle courses that provide a fun challenge for people to overcome together.


    • Measure Your Space –  The amount of space you have to set up at an event is going to determine what kind of inflatable you can hire. If you don’t know the size of the area you’ll have to set up you might be in for a rough time. If you can, measure the space ahead of time. It wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of areas measured just in case.


    • Measure Your Guests – You don’t need to measure your guests the same way you measure your space but there are both adult and child-sized inflatables available. While a child can easily jump around in an adult-sized bouncy castle if there is going to be a mixed age range among the children it might be a good idea to separate the sizes, for safety concerns. If you do end up needing more than on inflatable that brings us to the next section.


    • Pick Your Package – Hiring a single Bouncy Castle might be the best thing for your event, but if you’ve got a large number of people coming to your community or corporate event it might be a good idea to look into investing in a package deal. Monsterball has a variety of pre-planned packages but you can also create your own to cater exactly to the needs of your customer. At the end of the day, with so much to choose from, the best thing to do might be to reach out to us directly.


    • Do You Need Products That Connect Together? –  A final note on selecting the right product for your event. While a bouncy castle is a great start, attaching other sorts of inflatables to it can create a unique experience for your guests. Be sure to check out the full product page for inspiration and if you need any advice be sure to reach out, we are, after all, party amusement hire Perth experts.


    • How Long Will The Hire Be? – You don’t need to hire a bouncing castle for the whole day, especially if your event is only going to be a couple of hours. Alternatively, if you’re going to be running an all-day event you can Monsterball has a variety of pricing options depending on the inflatables you’re looking to hire.


    • Arrange Delivery and Pick Up – Monsterball makes pick up and delivery easy. They do this by handling it all for you. If you’re within a 30km radius of Fremantle then delivery, set up and pick up are all free. If you’re outside of that, you’re still in luck as Monsterball services all of WA. Contact Monsterball for a free quote if you’re outside the free delivery area.


    • Set Up and Pack Up – Just like delivery and pick up set up and pack up is done by a Monsterball professional and comes as part of the overall package. 


    •  Do You Need An Operator? – When looking at getting a Bouncy Castle for the first time you might be worried about what happens if you run into any problems with it. If that’s a concern or you’re running a busy event and know you just won’t have a spare moment of time; Monsterball can provide an operator at a reasonable rate.


    • Insurance and Liability Protection – Something that you may not have thought about is the insurance and liability protection against anything that happens to your guests while they’re using the jumping castle. The good news, as the experts, we’ve already got you covered. All our rentals are covered by public liability insurance up to $20M.


    •  The Hygiene Process –  While nowadays this is certainly something that is on the forefront of people’s minds, thankfully it’s also something that we take care of. All of our products are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after each hire. This is done as part of our standard process. This has only become more important so rest assured that it’s something we have and always will take very seriously.


  • Enjoy! – Things feel like they got a little detail-oriented here but that’s the point of an ultimate guide. However, we feel it’s important to point out that the real reason you’re doing a Jumping Castle hire is to have fun. The ultimate guide to bouncy castles wouldn’t be much of a guide if it forgot the best part, enjoying your time! Whether you’re getting into the castle yourself to jump your cares away or you get the pleasure of watching your friends, loved ones, and community members laugh enjoy themselves. Enjoyment is the final, most important step.

There you have it, the Ultimate Guide to hiring a bouncy castle in Perth. If you’ve still got questions, that’s ok, every event is going to be different, we’d be surprised if we covered everything here. That’s why the best next step is to reach out and contact us. We can set up a quote for you and maybe even help with all kinds of aspects of your next event. Take it from experts who’ve been in the party business for a long time.

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