The Pure Fun Of Jumping Castles

Jumping castles, bouncy castles and other types of fun inflatables have been around for years. They’re a common fixture at birthday parties, school events and community gatherings for a very good reason. Simply put they are pure fun and wonderful activities for people of all ages.

In a world where the interconnection of technology and the fast pace of modern life seems to demand constant evaluations of the efficacy of each moment of our time. The commodification of which can turn every moment into a cost-benefit calculation. We ask ourselves, will this activity cause a net benefit in my life. We push ourselves to see around the next corner with 100% certainty knowing full well that level of foresight is impossible.

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That’s why it’s important to take a moment away from that and jump. Jump for the pure and simple pleasure of jumping in a jumping castle and you’ll see that for that moment there are a few things truly certain in life. As you jump and reach the pinnacle that physics will allow, a brief moment, as short as every other moment life has to offer; can feel as though it stretches out to meet the horizon. A horizon that for that moment at the top of the jump feels pure and stable.

Then you descend, you descend because the consistent force of gravity will allow no other option, you are human. No amount of personal physical strength can break the universal constant of gravity and there is comfort in the certainty, you may go up but you must come down. The fear of falling is exciting when we know we will always bounce back.

Stay Safe, Hygienic and Feel Secure

Jumping castles aren’t just safe because they’re soft and full of air, they’re safe because we make sure that all of our jumping castles go through a rigorous inspection process before and after each hire. Safety is just as important as fun.

Hygiene is also a huge part of safety these days and the good news is we’ve been taking it seriously for a long time. As part of our inspection process before and after each rental, our jumping castles go through a sanitisation process. This way, you can feel assured that your rental is up to the task of keeping you, your family and community as healthy as possible. Plus, jumping is fun good exercise so jumping castles are kind of a secret workout.

We’ve also got you covered when it comes to coverage. Monsterball rentals are covered with public liability insurance up to $20M. Life can be pretty unpredictable and a big part of safety is being prepared for any unexpected or unlikely event.

When you hire a jumping castle, bouncy castle, or any inflatable from Monsterball you’re getting a quality product you can count on.

A jumping castle is an invitation to feel a sense of pure joy and excitement. Monsterball invites you to be the bearer of this pure joy.

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