Rebuild Your Team Spirit With Sports Club Inflatable Hire

Team bonding is really important for the strength and success of any team. If you’re planning a sports club event, it’s a great idea to include activities that help team members bond together. 

Inflatable competitions and activities are a popular choice that players of all ages will love. While it might seem like they’re just having fun, team building inflatable activities can actually make a positive difference during game time.

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How do inflatables help with team bonding?

Inflatables are fun and get people laughing together as they build positive memories. This helps create a strong team spirit and a positive environment for growing together. Team members get to know each other better by participating in inflatable activities together. This improves communication which leads to better team performance during game time.

Sports themed inflatables encourage a healthy level of competition and sportsmanship. They test a player’s strength, speed, stamina and aim in a fun setting. Players can verse each other or cheer on their teammates while they compete. Players will also grow their own confidence by competing in fun, low stakes activities.

Best inflatables for sports club events

Sports inflatables for hire come in a wide range of types and styles. That means you can pick and choose activities that suit your sports club and the event you’re planning. Below are some of the most popular sports inflatables that will get your teams bonding.


Inflatable gladiator is always a popular hit. 

medium gladiator inflatable kid

Competitors each grab a pole and then duel to see who can stay on the podium the longest. It is a great way to promote healthy competition and encourage sportsmanship. Competitors will need to use skills such as balance, strength and timing to come out as victor! 

Make it more of a competition by dividing all players into teams. Have knock out rounds before a final showdown. Encourage team spirit by getting the other players to cheer on their team members who are still in the competition.

Soccer / Handball Hut

How well can you aim?


kid soccer ball inflatable goal

This inflatable hut is great for soccer or handball clubs. Players kick or handball a ball into holes within the inflatable goals. You can increase the stakes by assigning points to each hole. The better your aim, the more points you’ll score. 

Encourage team spirit by dividing your players into two teams. Each player takes a turn and the scores are added together. Players can cheer on each other as they try to outscore the other team.

Bungee Joust

Want to see who’s the fastest and strongest? 

inflatable bungee joust monsterball amusemrent

Bungee joust always gets the competitive spirit flowing. Two competitors put on a harness and helmet and then run as fast as they can towards the edge of the inflatable. When they reach their limit, the bungee will pull them backwards.

Bungee joust is all about strength and speed. No matter who wins, both competitors will have shared a fun experience that they can laugh about together.

Obstacle Course

Players race against each other to see who can get through the obstacles fastest.


obstacle course slide aerial view

Obstacle courses are a fun challenge for both adults and kids alike. Hosting an event on a hot summer day? Add water for an extra slippery challenge. Inflatable obstacle courses get players climbing, dodging, ducking and jumping through all sorts of obstacles. It’s a great way to put their athleticism to the test. 

To increase team spirit, put two teams against each other. The team with the lowest time on the clock will prevail! At Monsterball, we have a huge obstacle course hire range, with some of the most unique inflatable obstacle courses in Perth. Whatever you’re looking for, our obstacle courses for hire will provide a challenge and fun for all team members.

Giant Inflatable Darts

What happens when you turn the game of darts into a giant inflatable? A fun competition for everyone! 

monsterball giant inflatable dart

To play, the balls are kicked or thrown at the giant velcro dart board where they stick in place. The game is all about aim. It’s a great one for soccer clubs where players can practice aiming their kicks. For footy clubs, we also have a special footy dart board. The better you aim, the more points you get.

Increase the competition and encourage team bonding by dividing everyone into teams and tallying up scores. The giant dart board is popular with both kids and adults alike.

Looking to hire inflatables for your next event?

If you’re planning a sports club event, sports inflatable hire is an excellent way to get your team players having fun and bonding together. At Monsterball, we have a huge range of sports inflatables and obstacle courses for hire. Whatever you need for your event, we can provide you with inflatables that are sure to ignite team spirit! 

Get in touch with us today for more information about sports inflatable hire for your next event.  

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