Planning Your Child’s Themed Birthday

Is your child’s birthday fast approaching? Themed parties are a great way to celebrate their special day while making things easier for you to organise. Once you settle on a theme, you’ll have something to guide you through the rest of your decisions from the decorations to fun activities and yummy food to serve. Below you’ll find our top tips to help pull the day off and give your child a party they won’t forget!

kids themed birthday party perth

  • Choosing a Theme

Your child might already be telling you what theme they want for their party – great! If they’re not sure, you might need to help them brainstorm. The theme should reflect their interests and their personality. A great theme will also have iconic images, colours and symbols that you can use to guide your decorations, activities and party food.

Need some ideas to start you off? Check out our range of themed bouncy castles at the end of this article. From pirates and aliens to disney princesses and looney tunes – we have a wide selection of themes that kids of all ages love.

  • Decorate!

Decorations help bring the theme alive. Pick a colour palette of two or three main colours which match the theme. For example, black and yellow for a batman theme or pink, purple and silver for a princess theme. Decorations can be as lavish or as simple as you like. If you can’t find decorations premade in your theme, consider making some yourself out of simple craft materials. Balloons and streamers are always a great choice, but for more unique decorations, a quick Google or Pinterest search will reveal a whole range of ideas.

  • Food & Drinks

A themed cake is always a winner. Whether you find one at a local vendor or tackle baking one yourself, kids will love seeing the theme created in cake form. For your other snacks and drinks, try to tie in elements of the theme here and there. For example, serve chocolate gold coins out of a treasure chest for a pirate theme or decorate the snacks table with pineapple and star shaped sandwiches for a SpongBob theme.

  • Favours & Party Bags

Make everyone happy and send the kids home with party bags or favours that match the theme. For common themes like princesses and superheroes, you’ll easily be able to find party bags and various favours to suit the theme. Lollies always go down a treat, but if you want to give the guests something healthier or more creative, consider having a craft activity so that they can take their creation home with them. Some great party craft ideas include tie dying shirts, painting rocks and making slime.

  • Themed activities

The right party activities will be fun and keep the children entertained – and maybe even give you a chance to kick your feet back and admire the hard work you’ve put in! Consider a treasure hunt for pirate parties, cupcake decorating for princess themed parties or an obstacle course for a superhero themed party. Other ideas include dress up photo booths, trivia quizzes and crafts. 

One of the best ways to keep the kids active and entertained is bouncy castles. Take the party to the next level and hire a bouncy castle that matches the theme. Bouncy castles from Monsterball are delivered, set up and packed down by us and we can even provide supervision, letting you keep your attention on what’s important. From small sized bouncy castles which are perfect for a backyard party to our deluxe range of castles – we have a wide range of options which your child and their guests will love.

The Best Themed Bouncy Castles in Perth

Looking for the best bouncy castle hire in Perth? At Monsterball Amusements, we offer a wide range of quality bouncy castles that can help bring your child’s party theme to life. Whether you’re planning a backyard event or will be hiring a larger venue, we have bouncy castles in a range of sizes to suit children of all ages. Kids love our themed bouncy castles which let them bounce away and engage in imaginative play to their hearts’ content. 

Our themed castles include:

  • Pirate Ships – Ahoy me matey! Our pirate themed bouncy castles will have the children’s imagination running as they have fun bouncing around. Also available as an inflatable pirate ship slide.

bouncy pirate ship kids

  • Cars – If your child loves the movie Cars, they’ll have a blast bouncing in this castle, featuring all of their favourite Cars characters.

disney mcqueen cars jumping castle

  • Disney Princesses – Give your little princess their own castle to bounce in. Our smaller Disney Princess castle features a small slide and basketball hoop as well as lots of bouncing room. Our Princess Deluxe castle has all of these plus obstacles to run through and added bouncing space.

disney princess purple jumping castle

  • Batman – Having a batman or Justice League birthday party? This bouncy castle is always popular with the kids. 

jumping castle batman character

  • Alien Invasion – Perfect for alien and outer space parties, this unique spaceship bouncy castle will keep your kids busy bouncing away and weaving their way in and out the inflatable obstacles. 

inflatable spaceship bouncy

  • Looney Tunes – Jump with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Silvester and Tweety Bird with our Looney Tunes square castle. We also have a tweety Bird Cage castle that is ideal for young children.

looney tunes inflatables

  • Scooby Doo – A timeless classic, and one of our most popular inflatables, our Scooby Doo bouncer has inflatable obstacles, stairs and a slide as well as lots of bouncing space. 

scooby theme jumping castle

  • SpongeBob 3D – For SpongeBob or underwater themed parties, kids will love our SpongeBob bouncy castle where they can run, jump, play basketball and slide.

spongebob costume front jumping castle

  • Tinkerbell – Our Tinkerbell bouncer is perfect for Peter Pan or fairy themed parties. Great for smaller backyard parties as well as larger venues.

pink tinkerbell bouncy castle

  • Wall-E – Keep the kids entertained with the lovable robot Wall-E. Featuring a small slide, basketball hoop and lots of room to bounce around, kids of all ages love the Wall-E bouncer.

wall-e disney bouncy castle

For more information about bouncy castle hire in Perth, get in touch with the team at Monsterball today!

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