6 Awesome Wild West Housewarming Party Ideas

6 Awesome Wild West Housewarming Party Ideas

Have you moved house recently? Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate your new life? Once you’ve decided on a date it’s time to send out invites. Are you going to make your own (Etsy has some great designs) or send out electronic ones?

After you’ve sent out the invites you need to start planning! Is this a small get together for a few close friends and are you thinking of shopping on a budget? Will this be a family oriented event or just another excuse to drink? These are some of the many questions to consider when planning your house warming party.

Read on for some awesome DIY ideas to create an unforgettable night while keeping your costs down!

If you are thinking along the lines of a themed party then Monsterball Amusements & Hire can help you out with one of the most popular party themes around ‘The Wild West’.

1. Hire a Bucking Bull

We have the perfect item to take your party to the next level! Our Bucking Bull is a great addition for under $500. This includes the operator who will be there to make sure it runs smoothly and you can enjoy the party yourself!

2. Set-up a Watering Hole Bar

Find the perfect font and print out a sign that says ‘Watering Hole,’ stick this on some cardboard and put it in the drinks bucket!

3. Cowboy Beer Bottles

Some other cool ideas include, paper mache hats to put on top of beer bottles. Once the hats are dry dip them in a coffee and water mix to create a vintage look. Don’t forget to add the little bandana to give them a bit of character (as if your guests even need another reason to have another beer!).                                                                           

4. Welcome to the Roundup Yard Sign

This is obviously the first time most of your friends are coming to your new house, a cheap, easy and cool way to make sure they don’t drive right past it is a sign at the front. You want to keep it within the western theme too, so buy 2 shades of brown cardboard from any craft store and some green for the grass section. Follow the image below (sourced from Pinterest) and create a cut out sign welcoming them to your ‘roundup’.

5. DIY Photobooth

If you want even more DIY ideas, get some more cardboard and create a “WANTED-DEAD OR ALIVE’ frame (cut out a small section for your face) and you can use this as a prop to take photos.  

6. The Music

Keep your great playlist going to ensure positive vibes. Don’t underestimate the power of music! Play some country and western tunes to get the hoe down started! Dance the night away and worry about the clean up later.

Now that we’ve got the decorations out of the way, you need to think about the most important part of the party (besides the alcohol) the tour of the house! Remember first impressions last! This is why you are hosting the party, to show off your beautiful new home. Make sure your house is looking spotless, I’m talking matching bath mats and hand towels. Put on your best sheets and arrange the cushions from largest to smallest. Adding a vase with a fresh bouquet of flowers on the dining table won’t hurt. If there are things you do not want your guests to see, try and put that stuff in places you won’t be showing them (cupboards or the shed for example). Are you going to take everyone at the party around the house at the same time? Or would you prefer doing it in smaller groups?

If you take these tips on board, you are guaranteed to throw a successful Wild West House warming! For further help planning your Wild West party, have a look on Pinterest for some really cool handmade decorations that add to the atmosphere. A little effort can go a long way.





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