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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bouncy Castle to Hire in Perth

Outdoor events can be a blast to attend in Perth, especially during the sunny and balmy months. What guests look forward to the most is socialising with others, getting to try activities such as games in booths, and heading to familiar sources of entertainment—among which are bouncy castles and other inflatables, which have become a staple at gatherings in Perth and elsewhere in Australia.

bouncy castles hire Perth

If you’ve got such an event lined up in the coming months, Monsterball recommends you get serious about your inflatables. Make sure you’re renting from a reputable bouncy castle hire Perth company and you’re getting a durable and roomy unit that is certified safe for use. 

Below are five key factors to consider when getting an inflatable device for your next big birthday bash, school fair, or corporate event! 

Our Hiring Tips for Bouncy Castle Celebrations in Perth

According to our team of experts, here are the four most important factors to consider when choosing a bouncy castle: 

  1. Size. The inflatable’s size determines how much space it will take up in your party venue, as well as the number of guests it can accommodate at any given time. Choose one that is big enough to entertain several guests, but small enough to fit your venue’s size constraints. 
  2. Age and Weight Restrictions. Some bouncy castles are recommended mainly for use by small children of certain weight, while others can be used safely by adults. Make sure to check with the bouncy castle hire company what the age and weight restrictions are for your desired inflatable before renting it.
  3. Durability. If made with subpar material, there is a higher likelihood for the castle to deflate and cause injury to a party guest. A top bouncy castle hire company like Monsterball can guarantee your guests’ safety because we supply only commercial-grade products that have been subject to rigorous testing.
  4. Additional features. Opt for an inflatable that offers more amusement than merely being a platform for jumping around. Some models come equipped with double-lane slides, climbing walls, and even obstacle courses. You should choose according to your guests’ demographic—whether they are young children or adults who are young at heart—so that their enjoyment is varied and long-lasting. 
  5. Event theme. You would be the talk of the town if your bouncy castle was a perfect match for your event’s theme. Monsterball has specially designed Disney Princess castles for princess-themed parties, pirate ship-shaped castles for pirate-themed parties, and even   UFO-inspired castle for alien-themed events. Do your guests the favour of renting a themed inflatable and totally immersing them in the party experience!

Monsterball: The Best Bouncy Castle Hire Company in Perth

For more than ten years, our homegrown and innovative company has provided Western Australia with inflatable rentals for all occasions. As our customers can attest, Monsterball is top of mind in Perth when it comes to bouncy castle hire. Not only do we have the widest repertoire of inflatables in the state, we’ve also earned our Perth customers’ unwavering trust and satisfaction because of our stellar customer service. So far, we’ve served more than 4,000 customers in our service area.

All our equipment are 100% WorkSafe-registered and are never deployed to an event without inspection from a licensed engineer. Moreover, you can choose from a range of inflatable recreational equipment, including bouncy castles, bucking bull rides, zorb balls, obstacle courses, sport inflatables, sumo suits, water slides, and many more. If you need more convincing, do check out our article on why you should hire a bouncy castle.

If you’re ready to have a ball of a time, don’t hesitate to call Monsterball!

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