10 Ideas For Organising A Community Event

When it comes to organizing community events you want to be able to maximize the fun and accessibility to as many people as possible. Building and maintaining community is important and regular gatherings are a cornerstone of a strong community. Here at Monsterball we absolutely believe that a bouncy castle hire will help make your next community event a success. 

We also recognize there is a lot of work and organization that goes into pulling off a fun and memorable experience for your guests. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for helping run organize the best community event.

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  1. The Venue Is Your Foundation – Where your event takes place is going to have an impact on every aspect of your event. A bad choice or oversight may ripple through the rest of your plans while some foresight can make everything else run smoothly. If your organization is lucky enough to have access to a suitable property you’re probably used to running events there. If you are renting a space or getting a permit for a public park, make sure to inspect the area before you sign any paperwork. Also double-check any rules and regulations to make sure are allowed to run the sorts of activities you’re planning on running.
  1. Themes – A good theme will tie your whole event together. It should be something that doesn’t need too much explanation but also something that’s appropriate for the crowd you’re trying to attract to your event. If you need a bit of help, Monsterball’s bouncy castles come in different themes and they make a great…jumping off point.
  1. Don’t Rely On Digital Invitations – It sure is easy and convenient to send out emails and social media invitations these days. It’s so easy in fact that a lot of folks will just ignore them. If you’re trying to get a community to come out to your event, it’s a good idea to attend other community events happening in that area. There you can meet people in person, invite them, and put up a poster or two advertising the event.
  1. Leave Room For Spontaneous Moments – You’ll definitely want to make sure you have some kind of structure to your event but putting things on a strict timetable can make things a little too formal. Let people mingle, it’s a great way to build community at a community event. If you need everyone’s attention for some important announcements, try timing them with when refreshments will be available. People will naturally gather around refreshment and are less likely to interrupt when they have a mouth full of complimentary snacks.
  1. Some Friendly Competition – If there is one way to really get people to be excited and to stick around it’s with a bit of friendly competition. Monsterball has inflatable obstacle courses and sports equipment to bring out the competitive spirit in your community. These inflatable obstacle courses have different interchangeable parts so you can create as complex of a challenge for your guests as you want.
  1. Keep The Kids Busy – Being a parent is a full-time job, so one of the nice things about a big community gathering is letting the kids run around in a safe and structured environment while you enjoy some time with other adults. It’s also a great way for kids to make friends and make new families feel like they are part of the community. After all, it takes a village to raise a child.
  1. Follow Up With People – Unless you want your community event to be a once in a lifetime endeavour, it’s always a good idea to make sure you collect people’s information and follow up with them. A simple email or text message saying thanks for coming can go a long way to being.
  1. Refreshments To Be Served – You should have some kind of snacks and refreshments available. The time of day and season of the event will dictate the kind of food you’ll have and nowadays it’s always good to have some vegan and gluten-free options available. Try and get the food as locally as possible, it’s a good way to engage with the food vendors in your area.
  1. Hygiene and safety – Nowadays people have their health on their mind a bit more when attending big gatherings. Help set people’s minds at ease by providing hand sanitizers and making sure you’re following any government health guidelines. If you do have little ones playing sports and enjoying inflatable activities you’re bound to get a scraped knee banged elbows. That’s why it’s a good idea to have some tissues, bandaids and a soothing juice box ready to go can. Not to mention it can make you look like a super host in the eyes of parents. 

We also want you to know we take the hygiene and safety of our inflatables very seriously and they cleaned and inspected before each hire. 

  1. Plan For Success Budget For Disaster – All kinds of things can go wrong when you’re planning a big event, no matter how well planned it is. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a flexible enough budget to handle the unexpected. After all, any money that’s not spent can be rolled into the next community event. The good news is you can add that extra flair to your next event in a cost-effective way by hiring one of Monsterball’s many jumping castles or inflatable obstacle courses.

We hope that some of these ideas and tips have helped you plan your next event. Bringing communities together across Australia is an important task and a lot goes into any successful event. We know that a lot of that work is behind the scenes and can sometimes feel pretty thankless. That’s why our goal is to help make these events fun and easier to plan. Monsterball has been in the party business for a long time so if you have any questions contact us for a quote and we may be able to help put you into contact with other trusted suppliers. When it comes to planning your next community event, you don’t have to do it alone.

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