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Frequently Asked Questions

Monsterball FAQ

Answers to all the questions you might have organising an event with us

We know hard it can be to organise an event. Here are some tips and answers to all the questions you might have in regards to hiring some our amusements. Feel free to contact us for more info.


To make sure bump in/out works smoothly on your end, you need to make sure electricity, vehicle/site access, an onsite contact and a layout are provided and ready before our arrival. We will schedule our team to be on site and have enough time to set up the equipment to ensure it’s set up before your event is to start. However if it is not organised for them on site, they might lose time and not be able to start on time.

Yes power is required at all time to use our inflatables. Constant air is blown to inflate the rides.

All our inflatables can be used with power coming from a standard powerpoint outlet (10Amp). A Bucking bull will require 1 x 15Amp power point (we have Generators available for hire for $50 each)

Inflatables must be set up on a flat and level surface. Depending on the ground surface, we will either set up the inflatables with pegs, sandbags or water drums.

We can set up inflatables on bitumen with sandbags or water drums for bigger units. Keep in mind pegging into the ground is always a better way to have an inflatable safely set up.

All our inflatables have a limited numbers of patrons who can be on the inflatables at the same time. You can browse our website and check out all our product specs. Our team members on site or at the time of set up will go through safety procedures with you before the event starts.

Zorb Balls are an inflatable ball about 3m in diameter, the person using them hops into the hole in the middle of the Zorb and uses arms and legs to roll the Zorb ball around (a bit like a hamster in a wheel). Bubble Soccer are smaller inflatable balls (about 1m in diameter) but the person using stands in the middle of them with their head out the top, legs out the bottom but you are strapped in and holding onto the handles on the inside of the bubble. You then run around the zone with an actual soccer ball and run into eachother, trying to score goals. It is very fun, very active and will have you laughing for ages!

Unfortunately we do not supply inflatables for Colour Runs. The paint can stain/cause damage to our inflatables and the customer will be charged with this damage.

Power and water will be required to use our water slides. We require a tap on site with a standard hose connection and we will connect it to our rides. Monsterball can provide hoses.

Depending on which inflatables you hire, we require a specific space and clearance on site. All our products are listed on the website with their Specs. Please make sure an extra metre is always available around the entire unit. This extra metre takes into account the space for the blower, and the entry/exit of the inflatables.


As stated above you will have the possibility to cancel your event if weather looks bad within 24hrs prior to your event. Some units can be operated under the rain but could have to be shut down during your event if our staff feel it is unsafe to be operating.

We will accept cancellation only in case of bad weather and if cancellation is done within 24hrs prior to your event. You will have the possibility to postpone your event to another date depending on equipment availability. Any other cancellation will not be refunded.

Volunteers can be provided (depending on equipment booked in) to help out our team with supervision of the rides. If you are providing volunteers on the day, they must be present the whole time of the event. Any inflatables left alone due to absence of volunteers can be shut down at any time by our team members. No shoes or food is allowed on the inflatables.

We always recommend having operators on site to make sure your event runs smoothly. However, some units can be self supervised and do not require having our operators onsite. To reduce costs on your end volunteers could also be helping out our operators with supervision.

You should always make sure the company you are hiring inflatables from at your event is insured and respecting the ethics of the industry. Monsterball holds a $20M Public liability and will make sure all the equipment will be set up and run correctly.


No power is required to use our dunk tank

2000L will be required to fill up the tank

Depending on your water flow it will take approximately 45mn/1hr to fill up the tank

Power and water will be required to use our water slides. We require a tap on site with a standard hose connection and we will connect it to our rides. Monsterball can provide hoses.


Yes all our inflatables will require power on site. Some units will require more than 1 power point. Please check our website to find out equipment you booked in and power requirements

Access to a standard tap will be required on site to run the water slides. Depending on equipment booked in, we may need access to more than 1 tap on site. We will provide hoses on the day to run each inflatables and will let you know the amount of taps required according to the equipment booked.

Sometimes you are not able to access water at location of your event. We can organise a water truck or tank delivery for you if needed.

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