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School Event Hire

school events inflatables hire

School Event Hire

Planning a school fete, end of term function, reward day or another school-based event? Inflatable amusement hire such as bouncy castles, obstacle courses and water slides are always a popular option.

Make your day a success with inflatable equipment hire from Monsterball Amusements.

Monsterball can cater for all school aged children with age appropriate amusements, as well as provide solutions for school or P+C budgets with suggested options to suit your theme.

Whether you’re organising a school fundraiser or fete, Monsterball works with you to provide a stress-free and profitable event with a versatile selection of rides for everyone to enjoy.


How to Create a School Carnival Atmosphere

Want to create a carnival theme for your school event?

Monsterball know what you need!

Interactive amusements and stalls can help to enhance your special event. However, ensuring there are enough activities to keep everyone entertained, from the parents to the children, is priority for a successful day. When guests are having a great day, they’ll stay longer, eat more food and spend more money at the stalls.

Depending on the size of your school event, Monsterball recommend hiring between 2-4 rides. Popular carnival attractions and games, such as arts and craft stalls, face painting, school fundraiser raffles, petting farms and Piñatas are a good idea to include as well.

Some of the best picks for school event hire include:

Monster Ultimate Challenge Obstacle Course

Ideal for students to run off some energy with, the Monster course incorporates obstacles, climbing wall and water slides. It measures 60m L x 10m W x 7m H and requires an average size yard or park to hire out. Adults and younger children (aged three and above) will also be able to enjoy this one.

Contact us for a quote or add to an event package.

Lil’ Pirate Bouncy Castle

Depending on the theme of your school event, our pirate-themed bouncy castle can turn any park or medium-sized yard into a vast sea voyage. Designed to suit ages three to adults, it measures 7m L x 4m W x 4m H and holds six people together, approximately 80 people per hour.

Our Lil Pirate bouncy castles can be hired out for $380 + GST for three hours ($100 per extra hours), with full day rates available upon request. Operation can be self-supervised or operators available for $40 per hour.

Soccer/Handball Hut

Our inflatable soccer and handball huts are great to setup at a school fete, fair or end of term event. Measuring 7m L x 4m W x 4m H, they can be used for all ages three and up. Students and attendee guests can test their skills and have hours of fun doing so.

Cost is $250 + GST for 3 hours, with full day rates also available upon request ($50 per extra hours). Operation can be self-supervised or operators available for $40 per hour.

Dunk Tank

Possibly the biggest highlight for school events, kids and adults can both enjoy dunking students, teachers and friends. Our dunk tanks are compact enough for school fetes of all sizes, measuring 3m L x 3m W.

Hire for $350 + GST for 3 hours ($50 per extra hours). Operation can be self-supervised or operators available for $40 per hour.

All prices for our equipment includes delivery, set up/pack up and FREE metro delivery.

To cater for all attendees at a school event, such as a rewards day or fete, you may want to hire multiple amusements. You can browse the full range of our equipment here.

In addition to these amusements, don’t forget to arrange sideshow games and prices such as:

  • Sand art: Kids use coloured sand to create artworks to take home
  • Laughing clowns: A traditional carnival favourite, participants have six ping-pong balls to place into the clown’s moving mouth to add to the score. Prizes relate to each score
  • Hoopla: Each player has three rings to throw over a block. For each ring that makes it over, a small prize is won, and players can work their way up to achieve a higher score
  • Bust-a-balloon: Attach balloons to a board with a number behind each one. Players must aim to burst as many balloons as possible by throwing darts. Each number corresponds to a prize

Best Locations for School Event Hire

Adequate space is crucial for a school event.

Amusements, bouncy castles and other inflatables for a school carnival need the right amount of space.

Once you have worked out how many attractions your school event needs, you’ll be able to determine the best location for the big day.

School grounds such as a large oval is typically the best pick. However, you may still need to arrange permits and insurance for the setup of market stalls, amusements and other attractions. Check with your local council for more information.

Public parks will also need a permit from the local council prior to the school event. Depending on the council the costs will vary but is usually between $100-$200.

Setup requires a flat surface near power to operate. Sandbags or water drums can be provided if put on pavement/bitumen. However, it’s recommend grass areas where possible

Stress-Free and Profitable School Fetes and Carnivals

To ensure your school event is as stress-free as possible, Monsterball can help to oversee your planning. We also:

  • Bring all hired amusements and inflatables to your event
  • Supply power and/or generators if required. To comply with Worksafe standards, Monsterball advise to have all amusements within 20m of the power outlet. Any further compromises safety
  • Oversee the safety of all rides and amusements. Staff can be provided for $40 an hour to operate equipment or train volunteers you provide
  • Offer competitive prices and customised packages, including a profit share scheme for school fetes
  • Can help you choose rides to match all age groups at your event
  • Organise ride and amusement delivery, set-up and pick-up with professional staff. All staff have working with children certificates and police clearances
  • Monsterball can become your one-stop shop to source rides, amusements and inflatables


Safety and Insurance

Monsterball Amusements are dedicated to protecting and ensuring safety for all our clients, young and adults, as they use our amusements, bouncy castles and other inflatables for a school event.

All items meet the highest standards and are from industry leading manufacturers and suppliers, with regular inspection, maintenance and repair to ensure safety.

Monsterball clients are also covered under our public liability insurance. Monsterball is Worksafe registered and compliant and carries public liability insurance of $20million.

Need More Help?

Talk to our team about the best school event hire equipment to suit your theme and budget. Browse our site or submit an online enquiry for further information about any of our products.

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