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Kids Amusement Hire

inflatables for kids amusements

Kid's Party Hire

Birthday parties, Graduation, School holiday entertainment..Let us help you out host a great party!

Does your little princess or prince LOVE bouncy castles as much as ours do? We have a great range of bouncy castles that cater for a broad range. We have smaller basic ones for the littlies, and then our Deluxe range that include a slide, a little obstacle, and a basketball ring inside them! Our Bouncy castles can be self supervised, or we can provide an operator (all our staff have WWCC) for the busier birthday parties if you know you’re going to have your hands full! We will deliver, set up and pack down the bouncy on time, to give you peace of mind that everything will run smoothly, and the kids will certainly enjoy the bouncers with their friends, with lots of giggles and smiles.


1. Choose Your Party Venue

Kid’s parties can be hosted at home, in a local park or venue of your choice.

Essentials to consider and tick off your to-do list include:


One of the most overlooked details in planning a kid’s party is access. Any information you can provide will help with the planning and set up.

It’s always preferred for our staff to have access to drive onto ovals or directly to the set-up area, so equipment can be easily unloaded from the vehicle.


Your child’s (and their friend’s) safety is important.. To assist with your kid’s party hire needs, a trained operator can be provided to assist with the rides at $40 per hour. All Monsterball staff have a Working with Children Check. If budget is tight, bouncy castles and other amusement hire can be self-supervised. Supervisors  will be briefed to ensure they are  aware of safe operating procedures.

Site Power Requirements

Power is another often overlooked detail of events. Monsterball’s inflatables require at least one standard power point, depending on which amusements you choose. Please note, each power point must be from a different outlet to avoid an outage.

If no power is available on site, ask us about  generator hire.(just let us know well in advance). Alternatively, Classic Hire, Coates Hire or Kennards Hire also provide generator hire.

Water Requirements

Ensure a suitable water source such as a tap is located close to where water-based amusements are wanted. If you have booked multiple water amusements, but only have one tap, please let us know so that we bring a tap splitter.

To save water, we recommend considering the hire of a pre-filled water tanks for some amusements to limit free flowing water use. Barbeque/Grill Availability

Most public parks have access to a BBQ area. However, it’s best to plan early to ensure you don’t miss out on the big day.


You’ll need to arrange cool storage for drinks for both kids and adults.. If you’re considering hiring drink machines, such as a slushies or soft serve machines, make sure you allow adequate time for the liquids to be chilled and have a designated area setup. Have drinking water available and make sure any alcoholic drinks are monitored by an adult.


Evening events need adequate lighting for safety considerations. For kids parties outside or at local parks, organise a shaded area to avoid overheated little ones – especially with all the running around.


Does your location choice have enough toilets? If you are hiring a venue or getting a local permit for a park, go to the location prior to ensure there’s enough facilities to cover for the number of people at the event.

2. Choose Your Party Theme

Your chosen theme will help dictate what bouncy castles, inflatables or other amusements are best for the party.

Some theme ideas to get you started include:


Kids are encouraged to dress up as their favourite superhero in a fun and imaginative environment.  Most party suppliers stock a wide range of superhero-themed items, which will make planning your event easier. Hiring a superhero bouncy castle will also make it an extra special day.

Under the Sea

Children are fascinated by what hides under the deep blue sea. An ‘under the sea’ theme can get kids to dress up as their favourite sea creature, or a mermaid or pirate. Monsterball’s Lil’ Pirate bouncy castle is a classic choice for this theme. There’s also inflatable super slides to enjoy some fun in the water, including the Pirate Ship Slide.

Disney Characters

Similar to the superhero theme, kids can choose their favourite Disney or other movie character to dress up. Choose from Monsterball’s Disney Princess bouncy castle, Scooby Doo or Sponge Bob.

3. Choose Your Party Suppliers

No matter what your budget, there are always plenty of ideas floating around for local party suppliers. Monsterball also has contacts in the party business, so feel free to get in touch to see how we can help.

Some ideas include:

Face Painting

This is simple but effective. Most kids love to have their face painted as their favourite superhero or character. Artists can get creative with new designs for each child. Kids Show
Have you thought about a magic show? This can provide another source of entertainment, as kids are always fascinated by magicians. Magicians can be hired with specific tricks to suit the age group and keep them intrigued between other amusements.


This is our  speciality! Amusements are the centre attraction of any party. We have multiple packages available for both  kids and adults.

PA System

Music is an essential part of any party. Consider hiring a PA system and putting together a playlist with your child of all the favourites for a memorable event. DJ’s are also available for family-friendly music.


A good party comes with quality food. Unless you’re a chef and used to cooking for large numbers, organising catering can be an easier option. Simply choose your theme and look online or speak with us to see how we can help. Be wary of any allergies kids may have.

Make sure you bring/hire enough tables and chairs for everyone. Although there will be lots of running around and action with your amusements, guests will need some unwind time in-between.

Marquee Hire

If you are organising your party at a park or a big outdoor space, you will want to make sure your guests are comfortable. With our beautiful Western Australian sunshine, a marquee might be necessary on those extra hot days. Monsterball recommends AKA Events Hire for the best deals around Perth.

Need More Help?
Talk to our team about the best kids party hire equipment to suit your event, theme and budget. You can also browse our site or submit an online enquiry for further information about any of our equipment.

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